Comprehensive eye exams are a crucial part of your preventative care. Routine appointments with a professional optometrist offer you the chance to track and monitor the condition and health of your vision and eyes. If the eye doctor notices any issues or problems, he/she will act right away to diagnose and treat them. This will help prevent any major consequences in the future.  

Professionals advise that people should schedule a comprehensive eye exam at least once every 1-2 years. If you’ve got eye problems, you might have to schedule it more often.  

If it is your first time visiting an Eye doctor Tomball TX professional, there are a couple of things you can do to prepare yourself. Here are some of them: 

Things to Expect During the Comprehensive Eye Exam 

It can be a bit stressful attending an appointment. This is especially true if you do not know what to expect. Luckily, for most patients, the parts of a comprehensive eye exam are the same. You need to arrive at the office at least 30 minutes before the appointment. This is particularly true if there’s something you want to discuss with the eye doctor. Offering yourself a lot of time will help you relax during the exam.  

Here are a couple of the core factors of a comprehensive eye exam: 

  • A slit lamp exam. An eye doctor uses this to examine the structures inside your eye. They will make sure that there are no issues or irregularities.  
  • Depth perception testing 
  • Making sure your eyes can smoothly move together while following a moving item 
  • Looking at your eyes’ alignment to ensure they properly work together 
  • Testing your visual acuity. This will test how clearly you can see objects at various distances.  

A comprehensive eye exam can help identify a variety of eye illnesses. This includes glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and cataracts.  

A couple of patients might have to dilate their eyes during the comprehensive eye exam. The eye doctor will utilize eyedrops to do this. However, this will make you more sensitive to light and blur your near vision. You might need someone to pick you up and drive you home if the eye doctor has to dilate your eyes during the exam.  

What Should You Bring? 

There are a couple of things that you need to bring whenever you visit an eye doctor for an eye exam. These things will help guarantee that the eye doctor has the details that they require. Here are some items you should have: 

  • Come into the appointment wearing your contact lenses if you have them. You should also bring the solutions that you use to clean them and the box you use to store them.  
  • Bring the details of your insurance 
  • A list of any existing medicines you take. This includes eye drops. 
  • Sunglasses for driving home 
  • Any glasses that you use currently 

As mentioned earlier, it is best that you arrive 30 minutes early for the appointment. This will help you have enough time to relax once you arrive at the office.