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Supreme Court.jpg (157471 bytes) Smithsonian.jpg (56740 bytes) Freedom.jpg (68286 bytes)
U.S. Supreme Court on an unusually quiet day. Protesters abound during most controversial sessions. The Smithsonian Castle. First stop on a fantastic adventure of discovery. We trekked through at least a dozen museums. The Statue of Freedom underwent an $800,000 restoration in 1993. The first time down off the U.S. Capitol rotunda in 130 years.
Glacier.jpg (128084 bytes) WTC Deck.jpg (120266 bytes) MC Final.jpg (240069 bytes)
Yoshiko, her brother, and I hiked from East Glacier Park Lodge to the Continental Divide. I took many photos during the trek. The World Trade Center south tower observation deck. We enjoyed a memorable dinner in the north tower at Windows on the World restaurant. An immense tragedy. On top of the Empire State Building, I took this photograph of the canyons of Midtown Manhattan, looking north. Central Park and Harlem are in the distance behind Midtown.
Moon.jpg (136696 bytes) dendur.jpg (109678 bytes) liberty.jpg (85184 bytes)
A three-story street sculpture outside St. John the Devine Cathedral (one of the largest in the world) near Harlem in Manhattan. The Temple of Dendur c.15 B.C.. Deconstructed in Egypt and pieced back together inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. View of the Statue of Liberty as seen from an approaching tourist ferry ship. It is 305 ft. from the base of the granite pedestal to the tip of the gold leaf plated torch.
ranier.jpg (78449 bytes) hoh.jpg (256712 bytes) quebec.jpg (243272 bytes)
The north slope of Mt. Rainier looming above Sunrise Village. The Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The Hotel Chateau Frontenac is built upon the highest precipice in Old City Quebec in Quebec, Canada.
WTC2 Final.jpg (255478 bytes) WTC Pan.jpg (202232 bytes) WTC waterfront.jpg (159372 bytes)
From the observation deck of World Trade Center One, looking past the north tower and into upper Manhattan. Photomerge panorama taken from the observation deck of the south WTC.  The Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, Queens, the  Financial District, and the south tip of Manhattan are seen from left to right. The majesty of the twin World Trade Towers rising 110 stories above south Manhattan's Financial District and Battery Park's waterfront area. I hope they rebuild them, bigger and better.
Jefferson.jpg (150269 bytes) WHouse.jpg (210646 bytes) Wall.jpg (163939 bytes)
The Jefferson Memorial on the Potomac River Tidal Basin. The south lawn of the White House. The Vietnam Memorial Wall, which is cut below the grade of the National Mall lawn.
Wash Monument.jpg (189446 bytes) House.jpg (171678 bytes) House (before).jpg (157428 bytes)
The Washington Monument as background to the park-like National Mall. Our terrestrial home, after the hard work of landscaping, fencing, and sprinklers. Located north of town.  Before the hard work was even contemplated. If only I had known!
Two Medicine.jpg (230473 bytes) Two Medicine Valley.jpg (221289 bytes) Glacier Scape.jpg (230679 bytes)
Two Medicine Lake, Glacier Park, Montana. Glacier Park. We hiked through the Two Medicine Valley to the Continental Divide. I turned around and took a photo of the valley. Scenery typical of eastern Glacier National Park.
Glacier Trail.jpg (100005 bytes) On the Trail.jpg (48003 bytes) Valley.jpg (79032 bytes)
Glacier Park trail through Two Medicine Lake valley, leading to the Continental Divide. Taking in the scenery on the Two Medicine Trail in Glacier Park, Montana. Glacier Park's Two Medicine Valley looking back from the high country trail.
Mt. Rainier.jpg (176720 bytes) Grand Coulee Dam.jpg (143417 bytes) Hoh Rainforest.jpg (214376 bytes)
Panorama of Mt. Rainier, a dormant volcano in Washington State. Taken from the north side of the mountain at Sunrise Lodge. The Grand Coulee Dam located in central Washington State. Started in 1933, it is 550 ft. high and over a mile in length. Deep in the Hoh Rainforest on the Olympic Peninsula in western Washington State. It receives on average 140 inches of rainfall every year.
Glacier High Trail.jpg (160299 bytes) Glacier High Country.jpg (127521 bytes) Glacier Park South.jpg (137184 bytes)
Yoshiko and brother out on the dangerous high trail in Glacier Park near the Logan Pass summit. We grasped a garden hose anchored to the cliff wall for safety. From the Going to the Sun Highway going east toward the Continental Divide and Logan Pass Summit in Glacier National Park. Typical view from the highway in southern Glacier National Park. This area is known to be mountain sheep habitat.
Iwo Jima Memorial.jpg (98824 bytes) Kennedy Grave.jpg (159273 bytes) Washington DC.jpg (128565 bytes)
The U.S. Marine Corp Memorial is north of Arlington National Cemetery. It memorializes the flag raising on Iwo Jima's Mt. Suribachi.The statue overlooks Washington D.C. The eternal flame and final resting place of President John F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetery, an incredibly beautiful place. A panorama of Washington D.C. taken from Robert E. Lee's House on a hill in Arlington National Cemetery. In the center of the photo is the Washington Monument on the National Mall. The people are viewing President Kennedy's grave.
Unknowns tomb.jpg (137507 bytes) NASMuseum.jpg (98477 bytes) National Mall.jpg (48831 bytes)
The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery. An honor guard marches eternally around the clock in respect for all those killed in war. The Old Guard barrack's serve as a visitor's viewing stand.  The National Air & Space Museum. In the foreground Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis which made the first solo Atlantic flight in 1927. In the background, Chuck Yeager's X-1 "Glamorous Glennis," which broke the 700 mph sound barrier in 1947. The National Mall in Washington D.C., surrounded on all sides by Smithsonian Museums, National Monuments, and government office buildings.
Capitol.jpg (137110 bytes) Botanical Garden.jpg (126582 bytes) Capitol Columns Monument.jpg (98940 bytes)
The west face of the U.S. Capitol and grounds. A group of Civil War Monuments are on the left. East face of the U.S. Botanic Gardens, which is located near the Capitol on the National Mall. The Capitol Columns at the National Arboretum. In 1828 they were on the east portico of the Capitol, but removed because they were too small in scale for the final U.S. Capitol dome.
Manhattan South.jpg (133599 bytes) South Bronx.jpg (131872 bytes) Bronx Ghetto.jpg (115746 bytes)
From the top of the Empire State Building in central Manhattan looking at southern Manhattan's Financial District. Reality of urban ghettos in America. The South Bronx, where burnt cars and garbage fill the streets, and people actually live in these buildings. From the safety of an elevated subway, view of a couple strolling the mean streets of the South Bronx in New York.
South Bronx Playground.jpg (144655 bytes) Trinity Cemetery.jpg (126480 bytes) Brooklyn Bridge.jpg (131833 bytes)
Two children play on rusted bed springs in a South Bronx playground. Trinity Church's 17th century cemetery in Manhattan's Wall St. Financial District.  Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian walkway.
Oil leak surfaces near the gun turret of the USS Arizona Battleship Memorial in Pearl Harbor near Honolulu. Taken from the Diamond Head promontory, a panorama of Waikiki Beach and Honolulu. A talented Samoan Fire Master waves a torch before the crowd at the Polynesian Cultural Center in northeast Oahu.
Marble sculpted names memorialize those who lost their lives aboard the USS Arizona on December 7, 1941. A 300 lb. Grouper swims straight toward the glass at the 3-story Oceanarium Restaurant inside the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki. Diamond Head, an extinct volcanic crater, looms above Waikiki Beach. It is a moderately strenuous hike to the top, but the view is spectacular.
Looking down from Diamond Head at palatial oceanfront estates. Probably some of the priciest real estate in America. A Fiji Island man at the Polynesian Cultural Center. College students from Pacific Island nations work at the cultural center while attending school. Eastern Waikiki Beach and the vast expanse of the blue Pacific Ocean.
In Waikiki, the Atlantis Submarine takes tourists down over 10 stories below the sea surface to view ocean inhabitants, sunken ships, and manmade reefs. This is a panorama of the Diamond Head Crater, which is an extinct volcano that eons ago lost its top to a violent volcanic explosion. Punch Bowl Cemetery in north central Honolulu is the final resting place for many heroic combatants of the Pacific Theater during World War II.
Our house and street during record snowfall of 2008 / 2009 winter. Snowed 63 inches in 2 weeks in December. Record snow fall sent these Moose down from the high country to forage for food in residential areas. This field is right across from our house and near the local Elementary School. Closeup of Moose foraging for food in a field across the road from where we live.
Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington. Looking downstream at the Howard St. pedestrian bridge. Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Washington. A view of the RFP Pavilion and north gorge of the Spokane River. Riverfront Park in downtown Spokane, Washington. View downstream of the north gorge. Anthony's Seafood Restaurant is in the distance.
Finch Arboretum is a fall color showcase in southwest Spokane, Washington. The Bowl and Picture area in Riverside State Park near Spokane is a wonderful spot for hiking and observing nature. Finch Arboretum in southwest Spokane showcases many indigenous plant species native to the eastern Washington area.
The Riverfront Park Clock tower in Spokane next to the Washington St Bridge. The tower is a remnant of an old railway station that was demolished to make way for EXPO '74. A pedestrian bridges crosses the north Spokane River channel with the city's western skyline in the background. Panorama of Howard St Bridge area that spans Riverfront Park. From left: the Howard St Bridge, the City Courthouse tower, a new condominium, and the Old Flour Mill merchant and office complex.
The Spokane Riverfront Park south river channel is a pleasant location just north of downtown. The old railway clock tower is on the left, the Doubletree Hotel City Center at middle, and Convention Center on the right. The Loof Carrousel is only one of a handful of 100-year-old blend of art and machinery that still exists today. It is a centerpiece of Spokane's Riverfront Park. Spokane River Upper Falls with blocky Washington Water Power production facility to the right. The Pavilion and Clock Tower of Riverfront Park are in the background.
Sunrise at the Spokane River Upper Falls basin. The Post St Bridge and downtown Spokane are on the right. View of the south channel of the Spokane River and Riverfront Park's main meadow area. The entire expanse of the Upper Falls Spokane River basin shows the north and central river channel, Anthony's Seafood Restaurant at left, condominiums at center, and Washington Water Power production facility and Riverfront Park in background at right.
  The Upper Spokane River Falls at Night. The flow of the falls is seasonal with peak flow at spring runoff in April and May.  


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