Should You Do Hardwood Replacement or Refinishing?

Hardwood floorings can be an expensive investment. However, if you consider the longevity that this flooring type can provide, it’ll be worth each penny that you’ll be spending. So, refinishing can restore your hardwood floors’ beauty multiple times. But remember that there are also instances when you need to opt for both the hardwood floor refinishing or replacement. Here are some of the reasons to consider: 

Time-consuming process 

Hardwood replacement can be a meticulous and time-consuming procedure. Usually, it would take at least four to five days to finish the refinishing job. This job needs equipment like polyurethane, brushes, sanders, rollers, sandpaper, stain, and buffers. Hence, when you tend to stay within the same house, it would be difficult for you. 

As an alternative, hardwood replacement would only take at least 2 days to complete. Compared to refinishing, replacing the hardwood is a lot faster.  

Changing the wood species 

A lot of homeowners are fond of using oakwood flooring due to its graining and appearance. In the United States, you’ll most likely observe that their homes have an oak wood floor in them. But, there are other people who choose either a modern-looking bamboo, a clear maple, or the Brazilian cherry.  

If you would like to change the species, then hardwood replacement would be your best bet. But, if you just want to change its look, think about having staining hardwood flooring.  

Think of the wood flooring’s aesthetics 

Does your wood flooring look dull because of the scratches? When you only want to restore your wood floor’s beauty, then think about refinishing. Refinishing is a great option to do so and to provide a totally new appearance to the current floor type without costing too much.  

Condition and age 

Since hardwood floor is a costly investment, make sure to consider its condition before you replace it. When you think that the hardwood hasn’t been replaced in several years already, perhaps would be best to have it replaced. But if your wood has recently been replaced, you should only opt for hardwood refinishing. Moreover, the wood flooring’s condition serves a major role in terms of determining whether you should choose refinishing or replacement.  

When your wood flooring has been refinished multiple times or has large cracks on it, then the only practical option you have is hardwood replacement. 

Refinishing is less costly 

When you choose to have hardwood flooring replacement, you’ll be required to pay the extra price for the wood. Apart from that, you have to pay for removing and ripping up the hardwood floors that you have now. On the contrary, refinishing hardwood flooring won’t cost you any charge.  

The only thing you have to pay is for the refinishing job fee. Moreover, when a particular part of the wood flooring will be damaged, you can choose to only replace such part to achieve a new overall look after it’s refinished.  

So, when you have a limited budget, then refinishing would be the best option for you. 

Reasons Why DIY Roofing isn’t Recommended

Your house is probably one of the biggest investments you’ve made in your life. Because of this, you’ve got to take care of it, especially its roof.  

It can only lead to expensive repair work if you only react when issues arise. Because of this, routine maintenance is crucial to improving the lifespan of your roof.  

Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t recommend doing the roof maintenance task on your own. It does not matter how small the repair job is. It’s extremely risky to climb on top of your roof.  

Today, we’re going to share with you several reasons why you should avoid DIY roofing tasks and always hire professional Oakland roofers to do it. 

Waste Money in the Long Run 

You might assume that a DIY roof repair is more affordable than hiring a professional. On several occasions, this can be true. Unfortunately, you might have to spend more money since you’ve got to buy the required tools and materials. Aside from that, you’ve got to spend a lot of effort and time to finish the job.  

There are also other risks that can possibly increase the cost. This includes: 

  • You will have medical expenses if you obtain injuries.  
  • You might end up making the problem worse if you don’t know what you’re doing. 
  • Incorrect repairs can result in water leaks in your house. 

Incorrect Roof Repairs 

Amateur DIY roofers without any tools or knowledge needed for a roof repair will always end up with a poorly repaired roof. Most of the time, shoddy repairs happen since people: 

  • Aren’t able to confidently move around the roof  
  • Aren’t able to properly use the tools or do not use the right tools for the job 
  • Utilize the wrong or sub-par materials 
  • Lack of experience or knowledge 

Safety Concerns in DIY Roofing Projects 

There are a lot of risks to consider when you’re on top of the roof. This is particularly true if you’re inexperienced. Trying to conduct a DIY roofing project has the possibility of someone severely harming themselves.  

  • Electrocution 

You can be electrocuted if your ladder or any other item knocks a power line accidentally. It can also lead to death. 

  • Insect Bites 

It will leave you prone to insect bites when you’re high up and unprotected. 

  • Materials and Equipment 

Faulty tools can lead to an unexpected injury. It can also be risky if you don’t know how to utilize particular tools. 

  • Falling 

There’s always a risk of an unexpected slip-and-fall accident. You can suffer a heat stroke or get dizzy on the roof. Aside from that, weaknesses on the rooftop can lead to you falling through the roof. 

If you really want to conduct a DIY roof repair, here are several things you need to consider: 

  • Make sure that there are no cars, pets, or a person on the ground that can be hit by a falling object. 
  • Take special precautions if there are power lines near the roof. 
  • Take extra care when stepping on the roof. 
  • Make sure you’ve got a high-quality ladder that will help you reach your roof with ease.